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Wheaton Short Sale Realtors

Due to increasing mortgage costs and the rise in rates on adjustable mortgage loans, many homeowners in Wheaton are stuck with homes they cannot afford. While loan modifications can make the monthly mortgage payments affordable to some individuals, they are not a viable option for everyone. As a result, a short sale remains the last, best hope of individuals in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure.

At The Keller Group, we offer you comprehensive short sale services, providing you with a dignified way out of your unfortunate financial circumstances. Our team of expert short sale realtors assists you with one of the biggest financial decision of your life, helping you list and sell your home quickly and get rid of the hefty mortgage payments and interest premiums.

We Can Help You Sell Your Home

The Keller Group has an extensive experience of facilitating and closing short sale transactions. The experience coupled with our in-depth knowledge of local real estate industry allows us to provide exceptional short sale services to our clients in Wheaton.

If you are looking for a short sale realtor in Wheaton, you may choose to work with The Keller Group because of our ability and excellent track record of delivering results. When you opt for our short sale services, we help you with the following aspects of a short sale.

  • Determine your eligibility for a short sale
  • List your home for short sale in Wheaton
  • Coordinate with your mortgage lender
  • Review short sale offers
  • Prepare your short sale application
  • Discuss and finalize a short sale agreement in collaboration with the buyer and your lender
  • Close the transaction

Wheaton Short Sale Realtors You Can Trust

Whether you’re facing trouble making timely mortgage payments or you’re feeling concerned because of negative equity on your home, our expert short sale realtors can help you explore your options and choose the one that offers you maximum benefits.

With specialized knowledge and first-hand experience of the short sale process, we are able to help homeowners list and sell their home quickly and start fresh. In addition to this, we have established professional relationships with various mortgage lenders and title companies, and as a result, are capable of providing you superior-quality, comprehensive short sale services in Wheaton.

Not sure if short sale is the right option for you? Call us at (312) 607 7928 and let our experts answer your questions and concerns.

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