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Heather was very helpful, thoughtful and understanding in regards to my situation. And she worked incredibly hard to get my condo sold in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend The Keller Group! D.D

I can’t express enough how blessed we were to work with the Keller’s. We were first time home buyers and within ten minutes of clicking on the first home online we had a call! Chris committed to helping us find our dream home and that is exactly what he did. Their knowledge and expertise is outstanding, so please trust when I say “team Keller” is the only way to go. B.J. and N.J.

She is an excellent Realtor and will take care of everything from start to finish, if there are any problems in-between, all it takes is one phone call and she will resolve the problem. J.F.

Heather is the greatest. I know our case is one in a million but she was very patient with us. I actually recommended her to my cousin. Being out of the country and selling home is complicated with all the paper works and stuff. Heather helped us with everything and we finally closed! Thank you Heather! M.I.

Heather and her team demonstrated they stand above the rest in completing a short sale. From start to finish her confidence and knowledge base of the process guided us and helped us to relax. She was ahead of the game in what documents we needed to submit and things were done in a timely, quick manner. She closed the deal, saved us from foreclosure, and salvaged our credit. Thank you to your wonderful team, Heather! We were blessed to have received that letter in the mail! D.R. and A.R.

Heather made the short sale process very, very easy for us. She did ALL of the heavy lifting, always communicated everything every step of the way, and was always easy to get a hold of. She’s a pro and she just made it plain simple! I would have let many of the details fall through the cracks if it was up to me, but thankfully we made the right choice using Heather Keller. I highly recommend her! C.M. and C.M.

I was referred to Heather Keller by a friend and couldn’t be more pleased. She handled everything from beginning to end. Every time something came up she took care of it, hopefully you’ll never have a need to go through a short sale, but if you do she’s the person you want to help you get it done. Thanks again Heather you’re the best! R.M.

My situation is a little unique as I no longer live in Chicago and needed a knowledgeable, hardworking, honest, and experienced real-estate broker. Yes, this sounds like I was looking for perfection but when you are dealing with any sort of sale, especially a short-sale, you want someone that is excellent, not just ok. Personally, I have been involved with a wide array of business and personal transactions. From these experiences, as I believe most people do, I have learned to be very careful and very meticulous with all of my personal dealings that involve large sums of monies. This brings me to Heather Keller. In today’s great world of the internet, it is a lot easier to find what you are looking. However, because of today’s great world of the internet, it is also a lot harder to ascertain if the person whose bio you are looking at is honest as to its representation. One reads reviews but there is always a little voice in the back of your head saying something like, “Are these reviews for real or did this person just open a few anonymous email accounts and give themselves their own great review. Maybe they got their friends or relatives to do it for them?” Well, in the case of Heather Keller, she is exactly what her reviews proclaim. She, in my opinion, exemplifies professionalism. I want to state that I have never met Heather in person. This is the first time that I have ever conducted a serious piece of business without having sat down with the person doing the work. I like looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their body language. It gives me piece of mind. At the least, it confirms what I have already gleaned from reviews, referrals, etc. From the beginning, Heather did exactly what she promised and more. She is very patient and answered any and all of my questions. She was never offended, no matter how out of left field or bizarre the questions. And as you can imagine, because I had not met her, I tested her with emails pertaining to our early oral discussions. She always answered every question I had, quickly and entirely. Heather is in my permanent file for referrals. As I stated, I no longer live in the Chicago area, but have already spoken to all of my co-workers about her and what a tremendously awesome job she did. I almost forgot to add this. I did very, very little work during this whole process. You may say, well, you shouldn’t have, that’s what the real-estate broker is paid for. Well, those of you who have had the pleasure of handling several transactions in the past, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes, just to get the process done and to be able to move on, you have to put a good amount of energy and work into it. Its either you help do it or find someone else. But if you choose the latter, you sacrifice time and peace of mind. With Heather, the only work I had to do was to get her the specific list of documents which she had prepared, reviewed and explained to me at the very beginning of the sales process. She took it from there. I could go on and on about how impressed and satisfied I am about my experience with Heather. But in closing I want to say this. If you are looking for a real-estate broker that knows what they are doing, has all of the forms, contacts, procedures, local insight, and one who replies quickly to your texts, calls, and emails; you need look no further than Heather Keller. She is a true professional. OK, one last thing. I was so impressed with Heather’s work that I told her that if she ever ran for office, politics aside, she would have my vote in a heartbeat. I am a U.S. Marine. Those that know true blue Marines well will tell you that we do what we say. There is no grey area. We only give praise and respect to those who we feel truly deserve it. We don’t ever hold back when we know something is wrong or out of place. As a U.S. Marine, I have to say that Heather is good-to-go. M.S.

I had to do a short sale on my home. An attorney recommended Heather. She was a God send. My short sale went through successfully, and I had one of the challenging mortgage companies to deal with. Heather knew the short sales process very well, I could have never done it without her. I feel blessed that she helped me during some difficult times. S.A.

Heather Keller is a consummate professional. Her guidance and knowledge made the sale seamless from start to finish. The communications were timely and informative. I would highly recommend Heather and her team to anyone in need of an accomplished broker. R.M.

If it wasn’t for Heather’s persistence, we would have never successfully completed a Short Sale. Heather was always positive that our house would sell even when I was losing hope. She never gave up on us and for that I am so grateful. Heather always kept us updated and well informed. Thank you Heather for all your help. You saved us from going through a horrible foreclosure. Thanks for giving us peace of mind. B.R.

Heather and her team are great. They are very professional and take great care of their clients from start to finish. They made the entire process fast and easy. I recommend them to all my friends. J.P.

My Realtor was so very helpful and always a phone call or text away any time I had a question or concern. She was very knowledgeable and experienced with my Short Sale. She made this hard time a better experience and even got me a little money at the closing! Thank you very much Heather! You are the best! J.S.

Selling my home that I had lived and created such wonderful memories with my family over y-years has been very difficult especially when it is a Short Sale. But having someone who is there to support and advocate for you has been so wonderful. Heather and her team have been my families blessing and I highly recommend her especially if you are going through a Short Sale. She knows what she is doing and she is on your side. She made our ordeal smooth and comforting. Thank you Heather. God bless you. S.B.

Heather Keller is the best. She always accomplished everything we needed quickly and effectively. She is a very hard worker and never lets you down. If she says she is going to do something she does that and more for you. We truly believe we would not of bee able to do a Short Sale successfully if it was not for Heather’s professionalism and determination. Heather always treated us as if we were her only client. We loved working with her and will refer her everyone in our similar situation. We are so thankful we opened that letter she mailed us. Because from that day forward everything made sense and everything worked out perfectly. Thank you Heather. R.S. and A.S.

I have worked with Heather for many years and closed many transactions alongside her. The most impressive quality is her absolute dedication to her clients. Her number one goal has always been to help her clients and she continuously succeeds in doing just that. She is passionate about what she does and she cares for her clients. She is a hardworking and above always happy. She is a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her enough! D.A.

Heather Keller was referred to us by my wife’s coworker. She came to us at a time when we were having no luck selling our condo on a Short Sale with another real estate agent. As soon as Heather got involved it was only a matter of days that we got an offer on our place and within a couple of months we closed. My wife and I were extremely impressed with her ability to move the process along with both banks as we had 2 mortgages on our place. Everything went smoothly including the closing process. She was a godsend and I have recommended her to several people as a result. K.S. and D.S.

I am a real estate attorney who has worked with Heather Keller and her team on many Short Sales. Heather is extremely well organized which makes my job much easier. I know that she will follow up with Sellers, buyers, and lenders. Her attention to detail is wonderful and when it is time to close on the sale I am confident there will be no problems at the closing table. I recommend Heather and her team to all my clients. G.S.

Heather made me feel very comfortable with the sales process. I was confidence that I made the right choice in having her market and sell my home. She would be my first choice when it comes to helping me with my real estate needs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing real estate services. P.S.

Heather is an amazing agent to deal with. She is on top of her game. Responds very quickly and effectively. She helped me sell my condo as a Short Sale and worked with the bank quickly to make the sale. Highly recommended. A in my book. R.S.

I met Heather Keller about 2 years ago. I am so lucky that I have had someone like her in my life. She is very honest, positive, and hardworking, determined person. She is always putting other people’s feelings and needs first. She never ceases to amaze me and how she can accomplish certain tasks with the banks where other professionals like herself that have been in the business longer than her cannot. She takes her profession to heart and is not looking to just make a commission. She really cares about her clients and wants the best for them. M.P.

Heather is the best I have dealt with thus far. She is very quick and very effective. I appreciate all that she has done to help my sell my property. I AM A VERY HAPPY CLIENT. Will recommend to everyone I know. M.S.

Heather was very organized and also got to the price point that would sell my house in a quick manner and at comparable price versus starting at a high price and continuing to decrease it every so often. It saved time. She also kept me up to date with everything and returned my calls quickly. Thanks again Heather. S.A.

Heather is one in a million. She promised me she would get the house sold in less than 4-months and she did. I would highly recommend her to friends and family or anyone in need of a Realtor. She has a great work ethic and a positive attitude. L.S. and S.S.

OUR HOUSE WAS SOLD IN 4 DAYS. We had such a great experience using Heather Keller as our Realtor. She made it happen by selling it Short Sale. Selling a house in any way is very stressful moment to any family. Choosing the right Realtor is another thing to worry about. When we met Heather, she made us comfortable. She is very honest and knows every aspect of Short Sale. AND THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR REALTOR. Thank you very much Heather. We really appreciate everything you did for us. You made it happen for us to move back home in California. You are the BEST. E.S. and M.S

Heather did an outstanding job all the way through the process. You can tell that she loves her job and that passion shines through in her work. She is very thorough and went above and beyond the call of duty numerous times to make our closing run smoothly. We highly recommend her. S.S. and A.S.

When the situation arose that forced us into a Short Sale predicament we received numerous mailings offering their help but nothing specific to our situation. When Heather mailed us her information it was filed with information specific to our situation, our house, and our lender. That is why we chose her. Thank you for all that you did. Your work was very personable and professional. G.S. and C.S.

We are incredibly pleased with Heather and she was very helpful in every way. We appreciate how kind she is and how hard she worked for us. She made the experience a bit easier and we are very glad for that. S.B. and S.B.

Heather worked incredibly hard to get this deal done. She has been working on this sale for a year and kept trying until it got completed. Heather is an expert on Short Sales. B.S.

Heather Keller is a true professional. She helped us tremendously in this tough time. She really is a Short Sale expert. Thank you Heather for all your efforts. T.S. and S.S.

My wife and I worked with Heather and her team in the sale and purchase of a new home and they gave 110% to make it happen. They were always available to answer any questions I had. Walked me through the Short Sale process and were with me every step of the way. We tried selling my home with another broker for two years. Heather was able to get it sold and closed in 4 months. She understands the Short Sale process and knows how to deal with the banks and is the type of persistent and determined individual that will make it happen. Her team helped me with the purchase of a new home. They met my wife and I on a handful of weekends to look at new homes and was constantly sending us ideas and guiding us through the process. When it came time to put in an offer they provided us with sound advice and was able to secure us a great price on a new home. We could not be happier with the service and expertise provided by Heather and her team and would gladly recommend them to our family and friends. M.S. and B.S.

Heather was wonderful. She was knowledgeable but more than that she was personable and caring. She was always available when I had questions. C.S.

I can’t say enough good things about Heather. She was very responsive and prompt with any questions we had. She eased any concerns we had about our Short Sale. Any change in status we were immediately kept up to date. I will not hesitate in any way to recommend Heather to anyone looking for a Realtor. The world could use more professionals like her. We will definitely think of Heather in the future should we be in the position to buy a home. B.S. and D.S.

Heather was extremely knowledgeable about Short Sales and everything she promised happened with the transaction. C.S.

I worked with Heather. She helped me sell my property. Heather took charge from the beginning till the end of the transaction. Everything went so smooth that I did not even feel any stress of selling the house. She is very professional, friendly, and committed. Without her it was not possible for me to sell my house. She kept me posted on weekly basis and if I had any questions she was always there with an answer. In the future if I need to purchase any property, I know who to contact. I will always recommend Heather to my family and friends. Thanks Heather for everything you did for me. It was not possible without you. S.S.

Future clients of Heather Keller and her team. Working with Heather and her team was nothing short of amazing. I found her to be completely knowledgeable, very capable, and extremely organized and efficient. She handled our Short Sale like a pro. I must admit when referred to her I was very skeptical but she proved every reservation I had WRONG. I would whole heartedly recommend working with her especially if you want results. M.S. and J.S.

Heather Keller is the most responsive professional I have ever worked with. She was always on top of things during the course of selling our house. She kept us in the loop at all times on any matter concerning the sale. I would recommend Heather to friends and family who require Realtor expertise. Thank you Heather for a job well done. All the best to you and your family. N.S. and E.S.

Heather Keller is an amazing broker. Heather explained completely and walked me through the process of selling my house when I felt so overwhelmed. She is a great communicator. Heather made me feel comforted and confident. I didn’t feel not one once of pressure. She helped me prepare for the sale by keeping me accountable with paperwork to sign and updates on where the sale was at in the process. During this entire process of selling my house, I felt at ease with Heather. I put my trust in her and she took care of me. I felt as if she was family. No words can express the gratitude I have for Heather. I only have the highest regards for her professionalism, knowledge, and most of all work ethic. She has such a refreshing style in approaching her profession. I appreciate that the most. Thank you Heather and please thank your team for all their support too. Keep up the great work. Your team positively affected and changed my life and also my family’s life. P.S.

Heather Keller was very organized, professional, knowledgeable, and responsive during our entire transaction. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to complete the sale of their home. T.B. and C.B

From the very beginning, Heather and her team made this very hard and emotional time a smooth one for me. I truly feel they cared. Cared about me and my family and wanted the best for us. I still get texts from them. This was a very quick process and I was thoroughly informed the whole way through. I couldn’t imagine many (if any) brokers going the extra mile like Heather and her team did!!! They are one in a million! I don’t wish the short sale (it is much better than a foreclosure) on anyone but given the circumstance… From the very FIRST call I made to Heather, I just knew, that I would be okay. Over the previous months before I received Heather’s flyer in the mail, I had received dozens and dozens. For some reason, I opened Heather’s, read it and called. I have never felt more “at home” than I did after speaking with Heather. I had my home for 18-years. I raised 3 kids in that home and she took the time to hear my story, cry my tears and then she got to work. She told me the TRUTH (which I needed to hear) but she also told me it is going to be okay and at my lowest, I believed her and I knew in my heart of hearts it was and it is going to be okay. I have a way to go but there is another family that is going to be raising children in the house I loved so much and I have Heather and her team to thank for that. God bless and tongs of THANKS to them. WILL BE REFERRING THEM WHEN I GET AN OPPORTUNITY!!! K.R.

Heather made me feel very comfortable with the sales process. I was confident that I made the right choice in having her market and sell my home. She would be my first choice when it comes to helping me with my real estate needs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing real estate services. P.S.

Heather Keller is a true professional. She helped us tremendously in this tough time. She really is a “short sale” expert. Thank you, Heather!! R.F.

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