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Is it Important to Hire an Expert in Short Sales?

Naperville Real Estate Attorney

Are you stuck in a situation where you have no option but to go for a short sale because your home is worth less than you owe to the bank? Are you having a hard time in deciding where to start and who to work with to discuss your options for selling your property? Are you currently overwhelmed by your current circumstances, and simply don’t know what to do? Well, for starters, don’t worry, as feeling bewildered and intimidated in such a situation is quite normal.

What you need now is an expert who specializes in short sale transactions and can provide you professional insights on how to plan your way forward. When I say an expert, I don’t mean someone who throws big words and jargons to confuse you and brag about their knowledge and experience; that’s just talk, and talk is cheap.

The best way to determine whether the real estate agent is really an expert is to see their past success rate, experience, and how willing they are to provide the best possible solution. Not only that, they will be straightforward with you and give honest advice on whether a short sale will be the right financial decision in your particular situation.

Why you need a Short Sales Expert

One of the main reasons to have a short sales expert working on your case is because foreclosures are time sensitive and you need someone who can expedite the process. You may come across real estate agents who work based on commissions. They look for the highest bidder just to get higher commission at the end of the transaction. Such agents end up wasting precious days and even weeks, waiting for a juicy offer.

In my experience, I have seen agents fail miserably using this strategy because in the end, the bank will sell your foreclosed home at a higher price than initially offered when a short sale was possible. On the other hand, a short sales expert works with the homeowner and pulls the strings in their network to get the best possible deal to save time. As soon as you hire a short sales expert, they will get on with the task right away.

Another good reason is that a short sales expert will know the ins and outs of the entire process. They will know what needs to be done where, when, and how, without missing out on the key steps that can potentially cost you big time down the road.

So is it Really Important to hire a Short Sales Expert?

Definitely YES.

Searching for the right short sales expert might seem like finding a diamond in a coal mine, but there are good people out there, like us at The Keller Group. Normally, we don’t say this ourselves, but the long list of happy, satisfied clients and their testimonials don’t say otherwise, so why not.

Get your questions answered now. Contact The Keller Group at thekellergroup15@gmail.com or call us at (312) 607-7928 to discuss your situation and evaluate your options.


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