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Elgin Short Sale Realtors

If you’re facing financial difficulties and are concerned that your home may go into foreclosure, a short sale is an option to consider. Let our Elgin short sale real estate agents help you find a more graceful exit from the vicious debt cycle with our comprehensive short sale services.

Are you feeling anxious because you are unable to keep up with your monthly mortgage payments? Are you dreading a foreclosure and feeling worried because it will damage your credit? Has your bank denied you any and all avenues of repayment? While this is indeed a stressful situation you can find a way out by listing your home for short sale.

The Keller Group provides you comprehensive short sale services in Elgin to help you sell your home quickly and release you from paying any outstanding debt on your mortgage. We understand that from inception to completion, there are many decisions to be made. Therefore, we offer you expert assistance throughout the process, helping you make a successful short sale in Elgin.

Short Sale Services we Offer in Elgin

The Keller Group provides a broad array of services to help homeowners in Elgin list their home for a short sale. Right from offer management to closing, our experts guide you through the entire process, helping you avoid a foreclosure and make a successful short sale in Elgin.

Our short sale services in Elgin include the following:

  • Property listing and marketing
  • Negotiation with lenders
  • Advice on proprietary and government short sale services
  • Closing coordination
  • Relocation assistance

The primary focus of our expert Elgin short sale realtors is to help the client take the mortgage burden off their shoulders and move on with their life in a stress- and debt-free manner.

Avoid Foreclosure with the Help of Our Elgin Short Sale Specialists

From tax implications of a short sale to determining eligibility for a relocation incentive, there are a number of complexities associated with a short sale. Therefore, unlike other real estate transactions which an individual can conduct on their own, a short sale requires expertise of an Elgin short sale specialist.

When you choose to work with The Keller Group to avoid a foreclosure and list your home for a short sale, we work in collaboration with you to determine your home’s market value and the list price, and once you have successfully completed the transaction, we provide you relocation assistance, helping you move into your new home and start a new life.

So, if you’re defaulting on your mortgage payments and are looking for a solution, give us a call and we will help you work out a viable solution. Call at (312) 607-7928 to discuss you options with an expert Elgin short sale realtor.

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