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The Keller Group – Helping 100 families avoid foreclosure in 2017

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Video on avoiding 100 families from foreclosure

Helping 100 Families Avoid Foreclosure in 2017

Thekellergroup helping families to avoid foreclosure


In 2016, The Keller Group helped 56-families avoid Foreclosure…But we can do more! Moving into 2017, we have expanded our team and are dedicated to helping 100-families facing foreclosure on their home.  We know that to help 100-families is a tremendous undertaking.  With that in mind, we are seeking support from the local community.

Why We Help…

We know that being in debt is a difficult, stressful experience. Fear of losing one’s home can shut many doors.  Families facing financial challenges like a bankruptcy, loss of income, credit card debt or life events like a divorce can close even more.  We work with homeowners to open the right doors and avoid foreclosure. Talk to us about how we can offer new options!

Who We Help…

Neighbors, Friends, Families
Anyone Facing Foreclosure
Behind on Monthly Payments
Across the Chicagoland Area

How We Help….

Explain Options Available
Evaluate Options for Your Needs
Relocation Assistance Up to $10,000, if Qualify
Help w/ Finding a Rental


In the end, when we successfully complete a difficult Short Sale, the families we help get a fresh start.  We truly believe everything happens for a reason and that fresh start might be a new chapter, new job, improved health, or motivation again to live life to its fullest.  We know there are many families out there who have no idea where to turn or how to proceed…  HELP US FIND THESE FAMILIES!  You have options…  We have solutions.


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